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A true sci fi techno Thriller

Cyber War Conspiracy sketches a frightening conspiracy in the framework of a worldwide cyber war. A scenario that could become reality. In brutal detail the author describes how the superpowers try to control and rule the world. Murder and intrigue in the world of chip technology!

About me, the project and stuff behind

Curiously? You want to read more? You find a short description here or you can read the excerpt which will give you a good first impression of my book. If you want to read the whole book, you must wait until I have raised enough money for the translation from German into English. If you want to support the project please follow the link (only preview!):

The Crowdfounding Project on INDIEGOGO

I have published this book as Indie Author and the original title is "Die Nanolithografie". You can buy it as print and E-Book everywhere, worldwide -until now only in German!

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