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About me, the translation project and stuff behind

If you want to read the whole book, you must wait until I have raised enough money for the translation from German into English. I have published this book as Indie Author and the original title is "Die Nanolithografie". You can buy it as print and E-Book everywhere, worldwide -until now only in German!

Due to the small German book market I have decided to raise this campaign for translation. Til now I´ve spend approx. 4000 Euro and a lot of time in my book. I´ve paid the copy editing, the cover design, the translation of the excerpt, marketing, ISBN, Barcode etc.

But the situation is worse. I´ve a family, I´m working as normal employee and the book marketing (which include the sales area) urgently needs to be improved, otherwise it´s impossible to have a return on investment.

But I have a dream! When this campaign will be successful I hope that the book sales will give me the opportunity to live from the income as author. The feedback from my readers is very good and everybody ask me why I´m not writing a second book... they want to read more!

The answer: A second Thriller is in progress and I´ve already published a second book. "Die Lügen der Lebensmittelindutrie" - The lies of the Food Industry is a guidebook about the food industry, the way of working and why we like the taste of this kind of food. The book tries to discover how to protect against the fairy tales of the food lobby and help to prepare yourself to avoid to get caught in the trap!


If I will find enough interested reader I will organize the translation and everybody will get the chosen perk. For the translation I need approx. 5000 US Dollar. If the amount will be higher I will spent every cent into marketing. If the result will be amazing I also order a translation into Spain.If the result / response is poor / worse / not enough etc. less then 5000 Dollar I will cancel this.Nobody needs to spend money for a book in a foreign language! So it´s also up to you to support this campaign in your network etc... to find enough people or somebody who make the "BIG DEAL"

You even can support without spending money for this project. Share it everywhere.

You want to see the project? Click here!

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